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KSI Engineering

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KEPCo Services, Inc. 

600 SW Corporate View

Topeka, KS  66615

(785) 273-7010

Contact:  Mark Barbee

In 2017, KSI Engineering recorded its 19th successful year of operation. KSI Engineering is listed as the official engineering consultant by 10 electric cooperatives.


We recognize the growing demands placed on your time and resources.  KSI Engineering is ready with team support for your engineering and planning needs. Professional engineering services are available from a variety of sources, but who knows your cooperatives needs better, and who is more likely to provide the best service, than one cooperative helping another. KSI Engineering offers the following list of services. We are cooperative specialists, and we'll be happy to work with you any way we can. Please give us a call.


Our engineering staff uses the latest system analysis software and unique cooperative perspective to design realistic short and long range plans for your cooperative. By combining the knowledge and experience of your staff with our engineering skills, we are able to produce the most practical and effective plans for your system.



Our detailed base maps combined with our wide carriage color plotter (up to E size) allow us to produce high quality maps and map sets. You can count on our trained mapping specialists to assist you with custom maps to meet every need.


Our system protection engineers can provide sectionalizing solutions that will reduce blinking lights, minimize outage time, limit damage to primary lines and equipment and decrease the possibility of hazardous voltages at ground level. We would be happy to evaluate a particular problem area or your entire system.



Your ability to make informed decisions often rests with the accuracy of your financial forecasts. KSI's computer models can help eliminate future surprises by identifying potential problems before they occur for a variety of projects such as loan applications. We accomplish this by projecting various scenarios into the mix. The results offer much broader perspectives that make decisions easier and more accurate.


The addition of a new substation, including mobile transformers and mobile substations, represents one of the larger system investments a cooperative can make. Our engineers will work with you to provide a substation design that economically addresses your system expansion requirements.



Our engineers are prepared to assist with all your transmission needs. From terrain inconsistencies, to severe weather and other special conditions, we will work with you to stake your transmission lines to withstand these conditions efficiently and economically.


If you have a power quality problem, we're ready to help. We have some of the latest instruments for measuring and monitoring electrical system performance. Our experienced staff will evaluate the data from these instruments to identify and make recommendations for correcting the problem.



The very nature of working with electricity exposes cooperatives to significant potential liability. And, in a litigious society such as ours, no amount of diligence can ensure an accident free, and therefore litigation free, working environment. When an electrical accident occurs in your service area, our expert engineers are prepared to investigate on your behalf and lend support for legal proceedings.



Controlling the peaks and valleys of electrical demand on your cooperative places additional burdens on your time and of your engineering staff. We will help relieve these burdens by developing and implementing cost-effective load management programs.



Professionals in design, installation and maintenance.

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